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Since our inception in 1977 (and incorporation as a non profit in 1978) Banana Kelly has been a bulwark against predatory practices that threaten the sustainability and expansion of low income housing in the South Bronx. This fight has always utilized a grassroots model of engaging with, developing, learning from, and advancing the community visions of local residents. This vision is what shaped Banana Kelly and it is what propels us today.

Through decades of systemic government divestment, the South Bronx has largely been ignored by those forces that have incentive to harass and displace low income New Yorkers for the sake of maximizing profit. However, we are now seeing a wave of development and unscrupulous actors that mimic the actions taken in Manhattan and Brooklyn to displace low income New Yorkers and replace them with higher income residents. Currently, Banana Kelly organizes within our 48 building portfolio as well as buildings throughout the Hunts Point and Longwood communities.

We have tenant associations in two buildings, 919 Prospect Avenue and 982 Leggett Street, a neighborhood association that engages residents in Mott Haven, and a Block Association that represents the residents of 909-944 Kelly Street.

We also organize a group of residents through the Banana Kelly Resident Council. This Council has members from approximately 20 rent stabilized buildings in the Hunts Point/Longwood neighborhoods. The Resident Council manages and guides campaign work and local community initiatives.

We also organize several community gardens and open spaces, each of which have their own local resident committees. The organizing of these open spaces intersects with our larger Healthy Food/Living Initiative, which focuses on the expansion of low cost, quality food.

For more information contact 718-328-1064 ext 218. For upcoming events visit the calendar page or our Facebook Page.