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Banana Kelly’s Resident Council is the core group of residents charged with the responsibility of informing both internal policy decision at Banana Kelly as well as external campaign work around housing issues.

The Council is composed of our residents, both current and former, and engages in advocacy and organizing around self-identified issues that relate to the expansion and sustainability of affordable housing in the South Bronx.  The Council organizes community-building events including workshops related to housing issues such as the rent freezes, the mechanics of affordable housing, and the cluster-site shelter policy. Members of the Council have been involved in several forums and actions on issues related to the Mayor’s affordable housing plan, laws governing rent in the city, and shelter policies.  The Council also works closely with our Executive Staff to improve the management of our portfolio and in 2015 new organizational by-laws were ratified that creates a process for our residents to join Banana Kelly’s Board of Directors. Currently there are five (5) residents who are members of the Board, two of which are members of the Executive Committee.