Supporting BKCIA, IncThere are a number of ways that you can support us.

Contact us at if you are interested in becoming involved in any areas listed below.

Thank you.

1. Be a Friend of Banana Kelly:

If you like and support the work that we do, visit our website and our Facebook page and Twitter regularly. Post comments; share our work with friends and colleagues; support programs and policies that assist our residents and our community.

2. Volunteer:

Banana Kelly would not survive without our volunteers. There is our board; there are our resident council members; there are our residents who volunteer for specific activities; there are the newly formed members of our MSC Parents Council, and there are our dedicated staff members who work “above and beyond.” But there are always opportunities for volunteers. If you have the time and the heart to donate time “for the cause” just let us know. Keep yourself informed about our activities and if you see an eligible activity of interest, we are more than happy to have you participate.

3. Share Resources:

We know, from experience, that our community is filled with people with talents and resources to share. We would like to use our website as a clearinghouse for services available to and from our neighborhood residents – whether these services are available free of charge or for compensation, or are being made accessible through a bartering arrangement. Send us information about goods or services that you are making available or can make available, as well as goods and services that you are having trouble finding, and we will attempt to develop a “resource exchange” as a part of this website.

4. Donate:

Of course, nothing substantive is accomplished without money. If you would like to donate, we ask that you make a donation the old fashioned way by writing a check made payable to Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, Inc. We will happily provide you with a letter acknowledging your support and certifying that it is tax deductible.