By Harold DeRienzo

Government Shut Down; Debt Default; No Rental Subsidies; Food Stamp Cuts; Defund Obamacare; Sequester I; Sequester II.  Turn on any news show that is not programmed to mimic Entertainment Tonight and these are headlines.  The vast majority of people are suffering (or certainly struggling) and our representatives in Washington dither with brinksmanship and posturing. … Read more...

Eric and Jefrey

Banana Kelly Organizing Blog Post: Introducing the Community Organizing Team

by Jefrey Velasquez and Eric Goldfischer

Eric and JefreyThis fall, Banana Kelly’s two community organizers, Jefrey Velasquez (JV) at right in photo and Eric Goldfischer (EG) left in photo, will take part in the NYC Organizing Academy, hosted by the Association of Neighborhood Housing Developers, of which Banana Kelly is a member, and provided by the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.Read more...

Have We Lost Touch?

By Brian Sahd

Why it is always us verses them? Why do those, usually those on the left of the political spectrum, see everything as a zero sum game?  This type of argument is too simplistic and in fact disingenuous.  The current President uses this type of argument all the time creating needless class, race and societal divisions.… Read more...

Raise the Minimum Wage

By Harold DeRienzo

This past Thursday thousands of low wage workers in 60 cities walked off their jobs demanding an increase in pay to $15/hour.  Of course there will be recriminations from the right concerning how raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, hurt small businesses and hurt teenagers who join the fast food workforce as a stepping stone to higher paid careers.… Read more...

The Future of Community Development — It is Ours to Lose

By Harold DeRienzo

There has been much discussion of late concerning the future of Community Development Corporations, or “CDCs.”  CDCs have been referred to as irrelevant, inefficient, lacking in creativity, stuck in failed models, unable to compete with the private sector or undertake high-impact projects, incapable of developing neighborhood wealth and basically passé as effective development vehicles.… Read more...

Where Have All of Our Morals Gone?

By Brian Sahd

In his latest musing on the current state of our culture Harry DeRienzo laments the loss of yet another human (American) characteristic. This time it is our moral compass.  And again he is not alone. Just the other day, at his mass on the beaches of Copacabana, Pope Francis challenged the 3 million in attendance as well as the billions watching across the globe:

… to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes that you are incapable of responsibility.Read more...