Case Management Services.

Every resident has access to our case management services, where we work with each to ensure receipt of all available services and provide linkages to other support organizations.  This work is difficult and at times frustrating, particularly because South Bronx residents on the whole, including many of our own residents, pay a disproportionately high percentage of their incomes for rent.   But as difficult as it is, we are proud that we have been able to effectively assist so many residents in retaining their tenancies.

We also work with family members of our residents on issues ranging from job placement to other forms of supportive services.

Here is a letter from one grateful relative:

Dear Mr. DeRienzo, I would like you to know the wonderful quality of service that Maria Graziano and Russell Cheek had provided for my family.  I chose to call them HEROS [sic].  They extended themselves beyond the call of duty.  They represent your company very well,  Sincerely, Anderson Charles