Time for a Housing Plan Reset

Blog by Harold DeRienzo

In the Spring of 2014 Mayor de Blasio announced his ambitious 10-year housing plan to “build and preserve” 200,000 units of “affordable housing.”  At the time, the city was in good fiscal shape.  The economy overall was doing well, and there was every indication that no radical economic or political development would threaten that stability in the near term. … Read more...


TESTIMONY: Jerome Avenue Scoping Session


Jerome Avenue Scoping Session
Bronx Community College
September 29, 2016

Harold DeRienzo, President
Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Testimony Focus: The need, and requirement for, a cumulative impact assessment on potential tenant displacement.

A. Basis for a Cumulative Impact Assessment: Under the 1986 Chinese Staff Workers case, when a proposed action is inconsistent with area character and is likely to change neighborhood population patterns and community character, the city is required to consider secondary, as well as cumulative, impacts.… Read more...


Acceptance Talk

Acceptance Talk

Picture the Homeless “Dancegiving” Gala Event: October 6, 2016

We are living in a time of change. We see it all around us: people rising up to question inequality, institutional racism, and self-righteous, self-sustaining privilege. We see the potential for social progress, but we also see the potential for social regression.… Read more...


Are We Genetically Wired to Be Racists? By Harry DeRienzo

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are delighted to publish the second installment of Harry DeRienzo’s essays on racism.  This second of a three-part essay is entitled, “Are we Genetically Wired to be Racists?”  It is interesting and thought provoking but like all treatments of such a complicated and emotionally-charged topic, there is a need for other perspectives and follow up discussions. Read more...


Organize or Perish Supplement

By Harry DeRienzo

At our Annual Meet & Greet event, held on December 4, 2015, the Reverend Theodora Brooks, pastor of a local church and Vice Chairperson of the Banana Kelly board, was tapped to give the opening invocation. However, given the events of this year, she said it was difficult, if not irresponsible, not to take explicit notice of the extremism that appears to be manifesting itself in so many destructive and fatal ways in our country at this time, most recently given the mass shooting in San Bernadino and the long-delayed video of the killing of Laquan MacDonald in Chicago. … Read more...


Organize or Perish

Harry DeRienzo’s Keynote Address at the 6th Annual Meet & Greet, December 6, 2015.

Organize or Perish. This is our theme for this year. It is a theme that comes straight from our resident leadership.  It is a theme that is not simply an act of hyperbole. … Read more...