Banana Kelly Staff

Harold DeRienzo

Hope Burgess
Chief Operations Officer

Anne Hockenberry
Chief Financial Officer

Jeannie Pulice , Fiscal Assistant

Marie Graziano, Resident Services Manager

Emilio Escuted, Property Manager

Carmen Vega, Assistant Property Manager

Yuberly Acevedo, Office Manager

Oscar Chimilio, Office Assistant

Stephanie dos Santos, Director of Medicaid Service Coordination

Edeleika Arenas, Medicaid Service Coordinator

Santa Cabrera, Medicaid Service Coordinator

Mariel Matrus, Medicaid Service Coordinator

Vilma Leon, Medicaid Service Coordinator

Tiffany Robinson, Medicaid Service Coordinator

Kellie Green, Director, RAP

Randy Stanford, Case Manager, RAP

Karla Naranjo, Case Manager, RAP

Gregory Jost, Director of Organizing

Natalie Hernandez, Community Organizer

Girina Matos, Community Organizer

Vacant, Community Organizer

Dorila Pequero, Office Manitenance

Jasmine Burgess, After School and Summer Camp

Toreena Hall, After School and Summer Camp

Jose Gonzalez, Director, After School Program

Doug Timmons, Construction Manager

Daniel Stadt – Morgan Stanley Fellow